The Junior Blaster Helps With All Your Household Chores

*Disclaimer* I have received promotional products for this post. This post probably has affiliate links which support our children’s growing appetites!

Unless you are one of the few lucky folks out there that LOVE cleaning, then you understand my disdain. Cleaning is completely necessary, please don’t misunderstand me. There are just some chores that I dislike more than others. A few of my least favorites? Ironing and bathroom duty. Even though the wrinkle release gets used more on my dryer than the dry function, doesn’t mean there aren’t some pieces of clothing that don’t need to be ironed. In the bathroom, I actually don’t mind doing the toilets which are most people’s least favorite. For me, it’s the shower walls and doors. What if I told you there is a product out there that can help me with both of these issues and you as well?! Well, there is! Meet the Junior Blaster Steamer.

BergHOFF now has a great steam mop and the super versatile Junior Blaster. Right now the steamer is sold with the mop. What a great Christmas or anytime gift for you or for anyone! Although this steamer is small in size, it is mighty in all it can do. One of the things I love most about steam cleaning is the lack of ANY harsh chemicals. Gone are the days I lock myself in a bathroom with scents that could knock out a buffalo. All you need is the Junior Blaster and water. It comes with multiple attachments to help with every room in the house.


So far in my house I’ve used this little guy to clean of fingerprints on my windows and doors, steamed my master bath shower doors and steamed out pesky wrinkles in my work pants (because, other than work clothes, I’m not too concerned if you see a wrinkle!) I have wooden flooring, so I haven’t done any floor care, but it would be so easy to do.

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