Healthy Detox With Kaeng Raeng {Review}



Detoxing is great to do every once in a while and doing so not only flushes out the bad toxins from your body but will help you lose weight and inches too. I have only done this once before and it was a few years ago, so this was possibly a new start for me. I was excited to receive Kaeng Raeng in the mail because it was all natural.

Kaeng Raeng is:

  • Animal Free
  • All Natural
  • Bolsters Immunity
  • Improves Digestion
  • Enhances Skin and Hair Quality
  • Relieves Bloating
  • Reduces Craving and Over-Eating

The drinks are incredibly easy to make. Simple measure out 24 ounces of water or milk, whatever you decide to use, add some fruit if you desire. I added some frozen fruit to add flavor to the drink, as the directions do suggest for a first timer. The first drink was a little hard to swallow, being the Reunn “Joyful” Strawberry Raspberry and Pineapple mixture. The flavor was pretty strong and chalky, and it had a rather nasty taste to it. Sadly it’s very difficult to describe but I managed to get the first 24 ounces of water down. It took only an hour before I had to go to the bathroom, on top of munching on an orange and a banana. The next mixture I drank at lunch time and it was the Juu Juu “Into the Blue” Blueberry Blackberry and Banana. This one tasted much more like a smoothie and had a nice taste to it, despite still being chalky.



(Glai Roong on the left, Juu Juu on the right)

Within a half hour of drinking my second set of drinks I had to go to the bathroom again. After lunch I truly had nothing else to eat other than another orange and I started to feel hungry towards dinner time. The last flavor I tried in my 24 ounce drink was the Glai Roong “Daybreak” Mango Peach and Pineapple. This one I sadly could not handle drinking, so bad that I had to plug my nose, yet the after taste was worse than the initial flavor of the drink. It was almost impossible for me to finish the last set of drinks and it was pretty much instant that I became hungry. Because I did not stick to the set of drinks and had a regular plate of dinner that night, I was very sick to my stomach the rest of the night. Of course, all of my drinks I mixed with frozen fruit and water, avoiding the extra calories of the milk. I just could not finish the 3-day detox. If I could do it over again with just the Juu Juu flavor, I would be able to make it through the whole detox system.

The question is, did it work? Did I lose some sort of weight after the two sets of drinks? I did not get the chance to weigh myself but I will vouch for this; My pants were snug when I started the detox program and by the end of the next day they were looser by at least a half an inch. I’m almost positive if I continued I would have lost enough weight to be more comfortable in my pants and feel much better. Next time, I will be going for all Juu Juu and completing it the way I should have.

Do you want to detox? Kaeng Raeng is a very healthy way to do it and they do give advice on how to try it for the first time. You can get a 3-day Beginner Detox package for $69.99.

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