Saving Memories Forever Review

savingmemoriesSaving Memories Forever is an app for your iPhone or Anroid and also a computer program that lets you record stories from your loved ones about the past, present, and future.


It’s very easy to get started once you download the app from iTunes if you are using an iPhone. From the Welcome screen you choose ‘Get Started’ then proceed to pick your user.


After you select your user,  pick the age category that you want the questions answered. I chose ‘Childhood 0-12′ for my mom to start answering questions about her past. I love hearing her talk about growing up with her sister.


I first chose ‘Where and when were you born?’. I figured she might as well start at the very beginning! You can always Skype or do it over the phone like I did if the person is not available for a face to face interview.


Then you press the magic record button and you can pause and stop anytime you need your subject to take a break. Or you get interrupted by the kids! You can also create a ‘virtual relative’ by interviewing people about a person from the past who are no longer with us since you can no longer interview them yourself.

According to the Saving Memories website, here are some simple tips for recording:

  • Before you sit down to record, tell the person you want to interview exactly what questions you are going to ask. This advance notice will give your Story Teller time to collect his/her thoughts. It’s worth it. The richest stories contain small details that sometimes take awhile to recall.
  • Try to record in a quiet place and record with the phone close to the speaker. Normally, you can get very good results simply by placing the iPhone or Android phone on a table that is close to the speaker. Since the Story Teller will be doing most of the talking, the microphone should be facing him or her. However, if your relative has a very soft voice, you can have him/her hold the phone and talk as if he/she is on a phone call.
  • Keep each story response relatively short. Five minutes or less is ideal. This helps keep the story focused and interesting. It will also help with tagging.
  • Relax. The recording doesn’t have to be perfect. Your family will find your laughter and joy at making the recording more important than the fact you got a word wrong or said “ummm” three times.

My mom and I really enjoyed answering these questions but we haven’t finished. My son loves listening to Granny when she’s unavailable for a phone conversation too! It’s a great way for the kids to learn about their grandparents, especially when we live hours apart.

You can also find Saving Memories Forever on Facebook and Twitter. Premium Subscription service is available for $3.99 a month or annually for $40.

Disclosure:  “I participated in a campaign on behalf of for Saving Memories Forever. A free trial and promotional items have been provided in exchange for my review.  Regardless all opinions are my own.”

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