Summer Blog Challenge Day #35 (July 5)

Talk about a fear you have


Nik- This is an interesting topic.  When I was younger, I was fearless.  I took everything in stride.  As I get older, I fear more things.  Since I don’t drive much anymore, I have taken on a fear of driving.  I don’t let this fear stop me though.  When the kids want to go someplace or I need to go shopping, it’s not fair to always ask my husband to take me.  So I drive myself, cautiously!

Erin- Clowns…Yep, terrified of them. I know it is silly, but I can’t help it. On a more rational fear – losing my husband. His family doesn’t have a great track record for the men. His dad is the first to make it past 45 (he just turned 55). My husband has a handful of health problems too and some health issues that run in the family. I’m scared we don’t have forever…

Tonya- My biggest fear is dying or my husband dying before my children are old enough to provide for themselves. All I want is for God to keep us on this earth long enough to raise our children. (longer would be appreciated)

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