Grandma’s Pure and Natural Giveaway! Ends 7/15

Jewelweed grows wild in close proximity to poison ivy throughout much of the United States. For centuries native American peoples have used Jewelweed (Impatiens Capensis) as a natural preventative and treatment for the itch and rashes of poison ivy, oak and sumac. GRANDMA’S now brings this powerful natural remedy to you! Relieves the itch of poison almost immediately and […]

Tonya’s Weight Watchers Journey Week 3

Not the prettiest thing for my first time and considering my icing tips were missing but the kids loved it.

Last week was my Baby’s 2nd birthday!  We made it a week long celebration and I did really good not eating too much. I did have a little piece of a jumbo cookie I made and it was soooo good but I stopped myself from eating anymore. It was my first time making a jumbo […]

Summer Blog Challenge Day #24

Favorite Eco-friendly thing to do. *You would think with there being four of us we wouldn’t get behind! But alas we did! Joy- I try to take my reusable shopping bags to the grocery store. Not only is it Eco-friendly but it also saves me from buying  crap I don’t need since it won’t fit […]

Costume Discounters Review


My son loves to play dress up and even though it is summer we were excited for the opportunity to review a costume from Costume Discounters. I decided I wanted him to review the costume and not my daughter simply because he’s at the age where he would enjoy it more! When scrolling through the […]

Plum District – Diamond Candle Deal

plum district diamond candle

Have you tried a Diamond Candle yet? I absolutely love these candles. Best fragrances around (really strong and they last forever!). Well, inside every Diamond Candle is a ring valued at $10 to $5000. What an awesome combo! Through the 30th you can buy a voucher from Plum District for a Diamond Candle for $15. […]

Cook’n Recipe Organizer Review

For the most part, I’m a pretty simple girl. I don’t have trinkets all over my house, my wardrobe is kind of sparse and I’m happy to curl up with a good book and a glass of tea as opposed to doing just about anything else. However, when you walk into my kitchen, it is […]

Summer Blog Challenge Day #23

What is your favorite blog post? Joy- I don’t think I have a favorite meaningful post yet. I am still trying to get into the habit of ‘meaningful’. But I do enjoy posting giveaways so I can see what products our fans enjoy! Nik- I’m relatively new to the blogging and haven’t made too many […]